Happy Hour Deals at San Tan Brewing Company in Chandler

Like many microbreweries, San Tan Brewing Company exclusively offers ales, as opposed to lagers (and yes, categorically, hefeweizens and stouts are members of the ale family). While this might turn some people off, it should be noted that ales typically offer a higher content of alcohol and they often complement bar food a la wine and cheese.

San Tan's Hop Shock IPA rings in at a nearly 7% alcohol content and is emboldened by a hoppy tinge - and it fits nearly everything on the menu. Here, during happy hour, you can get an 18oz pint (a compromise between European and American measurements) for $3.75, while San Tan also shaves $1 off of the price of everything behind the bar.

And appetizers are just $5. A couple of IPAs and an order of the Sweet Basil Curry wings are sure to send you home happy! This special runs from 3 to7, Monday through Friday and, to quote a bartender, "Night owls and drinkers are welcome to stay for reverse happy hour 9 to close, Sunday to Thursday."

San Tan Brewing Company is located at 8 South San Marcos Plaza in Chandler

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