Ube bubble waffles with fresh ube from the Philippines at Mango Rabbit.
Ube bubble waffles with fresh ube from the Philippines at Mango Rabbit.
Paolo Cuyno

Here's Where to Find Fluffy Bubble Waffles in Greater Phoenix

Imagine a delicious Asian dessert that consists of fluffy egg waffles, ice cream, fruit, condensed milk drizzle, and probably more. Welcome to the world of bubble waffles. Instead of the familiar, cellular look of your usual breakfast waffle, bubble waffles are seemingly three-dimensional, like those little raised domes are coming right at you. And they're a dessert.

Craving a bubble waffle? We got you. Here’s where to find them in the Valley.

Mango Rabbit
1250 East Apache Boulevard, #112, Tempe

This little tea shop has a huge teddy bear welcoming you upon entering, but don’t let the tiny shop fool you. Mango Rabbit is big on innovation, and here to champion Asian culture in the Valley. “I want to create a place that can bridge cultures,” owner Peggy Huang says. “We like to try new, different things. We look at whatever is popular in Asia, integrate this into new items, and bring this to Arizona.” Take for instance their Ube Bubble Waffles, with ube (a currently popular kind of purple yam) sourced directly from the Philippines, or their Rose Bubble Waffles cooked with rose petals that have soaked for 15 hours.

13000 West Indian School Road, Suite A-14, Litchfield Park

Do you believe we should all “Take Life One Sip At A Time?” Though they specialize in boba, Teacup delivers the same quality ingredients in their bubble waffles as their beverages, very much championing handcrafted items and ultimately, providing better taste and quality. Try their newest concoction, the Pandan Coconut Bubble Waffle. It includes pandan coconut bubble waffle with soft serve, strawberries, matcha Pocky, and sprinkles.

A custom bubble-waffle creation at Bubbleology.
A custom bubble-waffle creation at Bubbleology.
Mer Norwood

1050 South Terrace Road, #112, Tempe
Actually a London-based chain, Bubbleology wasn’t supposed to sell bubble waffles until they realized boba tea and bubble waffles made a perfect pairing. And unlike other bubble waffles that have ice cream, they pile on scoops of gelato (or sorbet, if you’re vegan), rotating six delicious flavors like strawberry cheesecake and cookies and cream — to name a few. If you’re a fruit lover, order the Summer Crunch, which has fresh strawberries and strawberry Pocky. If you’re a chocolate lover, order The Nutty Professor, which has some delightful Ferrero Rocher.

Genbu Waffles
1350 South Longmore Street, Mesa

This place debuted last April at the 2018 PHX Night Market, and their continued popularity at pop-ups has fueled the opening of their storefront this past December. Sourcing organic and local ingredients is what makes their quality of waffles more elevated, as well as their unique combinations. For the matcha-obsessed, try their Matcha Green Serpent: matcha waffles, two scoops of ice cream, a drizzle of matcha condensed milk, Oreo cookies, and Oreo cookie crumbs.

"Goth waffles" made with activated charcoal and topped with fresh fruit.EXPAND
"Goth waffles" made with activated charcoal and topped with fresh fruit.
Sam McGee

5555 North Seventh Street, #108
This new vegan, music-themed restaurant opened in March along the Seventh Street dining corridor in uptown. And while we’re excited about the food, we’re also pretty excited for their bubble waffle dessert. They’re serving a different, darker kind of bubble waffle. Literally. Named “goth waffles" for their dark, charcoal color, they contain activated charcoal and are topped with fresh fruit. Even Ian Curtis could have been happy about this.

M T The Boba Bar
10720 West Indian School Road, #79
This place possesses a clean, white aesthetic that deceives you into thinking their bubble waffles may be just as plain — but that’d be absolutely wrong. With colorful combinations and specials, M T The Boba Bar encourages a visitor's imagination. Get the bubble waffle with strawberry cheesecake ice cream, Fruity Pebbles, and a strawberry drizzle and see if you're not inspired.

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