Boo! It's Halloween candy!
Boo! It's Halloween candy!
Sloane Burwell

How Sweet It Is! Smeeks

There's nothing like candy to release your inner 5 year old. From all day suckers to wickedly sour candies strong enough to make a grown-up wince, there's a sticky sweet treat to satisfy every taste bud. Nowadays, it seems like nostalgia reigns supreme as quirky candy from the good old days lines the shelves of local candy stores. Tune in for a trip around sugar lane as we visit three confectionary playgrounds.

Yesterday we looked at Sweets and Beats. Today's sweet shop: Smeeks

Bacon gummies, anyone?
Bacon gummies, anyone?

Smeeks 14 W. Camelback Road Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 279-0538

The Grinch is perhaps the only person who might be able to stifle squeals of delight upon entering Smeeks. Smeeks smells like marshmallows, and looks like heaven. That is, if your idea of heaven is replete with chewy candy, cupcake accoutrements, and at least two kinds of candy cigarettes.

If that ain't heaven, it's at least pretty close. Smeeks covers most of the candy bar basics, like old school favs Abba Zabba bars and Bit o' Honey to Brit imports like the Aero Bar.

Until then, adorable Frankenstein suckers, hard candies galore, and Flick'rs will more than suffice. As will the coin purses shaped like Ding Dongs and Smurfette. Check out the meaty treats section, complete with bacon gummy's, bacon mints, and meatball gummis. For convenience sake, the Lightrail Park and Ride is practically right across the street! Hopefully, Smeeks is also close to your dentist's office.


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