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J&G's Full Moon Dinner and Brown Sugar Pie in Today's Eater's Digest

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Dinner with the Moon
Free for dinner Thursday? How about dinner with this week's full moon? Join J&G's Steakhouse this Thursday, November 10th for their monthly "Full Moon Social Dinner." The four-course meal takes place on the elegant patio that sits atop the beautiful Phoenician Resort. Arrive at 5:30 to catch the sunset and while munching on gourmet appetizers such as shrimp satay and Mongolian lamb kebabs. Dinner starts with a warm beet salad with goat cheese followed by Parmesan risotto with Fall mushrooms and herbs. The main course features a baseball-cut steak served with J&G's signature fries and you can enjoy roasted figs with honey and port served over cumin ice cream for dessert. Each course will be paired with a specially selected wine. Seating is limited, $75 all inclusive per person. Call 480-214-8000 for reservations.  

Sugar Pie
It's all about pie here at Chow Bella these days and while we're preparing for our 2nd Annual Pie Social, you should be baking pies. Since we're hoping for a little variety this year, Eater's Digest is going to introduce you to a new pie each day this week. First up -- Old School Brown Sugar Pie. Check it out here and get to baking!

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