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Johnny Chu's Sochu House in Phoenix Has Closed

According to a post on the restaurant's Facebook page on Monday, chef Johnny Chu's Central Phoenix restaurant Sochu House has closed.

The restaurant served neo-Asian cuisine, including many dishes originally made popular at the chef's previous downtown Phoenix restaurant, Sens. Chu, who was born in Hong Kong and has opened and closed several restaurants around town over the years, opened Sochu House in July 2012.

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The post reads in part:

Dear clients and friends,

We are sad to announce that we have closed... Due to some mechanical issues, we would not be able to upkeep the integrity of our food and service. Although it was a sudden decision, it does sadden us knowing that we would not be able to provide food and service of the highest standards to all our loyal clients and friends.

Thank you!!!!

Chu's two other restaurants, both located in north Phoenix's Sunnyslope neighborhood, remain open. They include RedThai, a Southeast Asian restaurant, and Shabu Fondue, which specializes in hot pot.

The good news for Sochu House (and Sens) fans is that RedThai's pan-Asian inspired menu does feature some dishes from Chu's past restaurants.

Chu decided to close Sens, which opened in 2008, in the summer of 2012 after telling New Times that he'd recently seen a drop in business. After stopping lunch service in April, he announced plans to close the restaurant, relocate to a strip mall at 2807 North Central Avenue, and rename the spot Sochu House.

His other past restaurants include Lucky Dragon, which was located in Tempe, and Fate, which was located in downtown Phoenix.

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