Help keep this little living room and the coffee bar next to it open!
Help keep this little living room and the coffee bar next to it open!
Heather Hoch

Join the Cash Mob on Tuesday, August 19, to Help Shine Coffee Stay Open

The summer slow down is real and a very scary part of running a business in Phoenix every year. This year Shine Coffee needs your help. After making the move from food truck to their beautiful brick and mortar space off of Central and Vernon avenues, the cafe could use a little local love and you'll have your chance this Tuesday, August 19 during a cash mob planned by Shine's business buddies, Pizza People.

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If you love your orange cardamon or rose cognac lattes as much as we do, you'll want to make sure that you head to the coffee house this Tuesday, August 19 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. to give Shine some of your money and support. After owners Christiaan and Laryn Blok raised money to build a pocket park next to their shop for the community to enjoy, the couple needs help from the community to keep their one-of-a-kind coffee shop running through the summer.

So instead of getting that Frappuccino on Tuesday, consider popping into Shine for a tasty pastry and a cup of coffee brewed from Press Coffee roasts. The shop also has a long list of iced and hot teas, if coffee isn't your thing.

For more information on the cash mob for Shine Coffee, you can visit the event's Facebook page.

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