Battle of the Dishes

JT's vs. Long Wong's: Hot Wing Showdown

Got a post-season hankering for hot wings? We've got you covered. Today we're hosting a cock fight, putting JT's in Arcadia up against Long Wong's on West Indian School to see which lights our fire.

In this corner: JT's Bar & Grill

The setting: JT's is the quintessential small bar setting, with a row of seats at the bar and a couple tables along the opposite wall. The walls are covered with photos, articles, and sports and alcohol paraphernalia. And there are plenty of televisions -- all tuned to sports.

The good: We ordered the wings with the hot hot sauce. The chicken was cooked to perfection and there was not a lot of fat. The wings were crispy on the outside and had an overall great taste and dynamic flavor. They were spicy, but not so much that your tongue was completely on fire.

The bad: Looks were deceiving. The wings looked dry and were lacking sauce, which made them seem unappealing at first. They weren't as spicy as we wanted HOT hot wings to be -- we got a couple sniffles but if you're looking for a light-my-mouth-on-fire taste, try the next level up (suicide hot sauce).

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In this corner: Long Wong's Hot Wings

The setting: At night, the establishment is lit up with red neon lights, and enough of them to attract customers from far away. Bright lights, murals and a big menu rounded out the decor.

The good: We also ordered the wings with the hot hot sauce here. These wings were full of sauce, so much so that there was a pool left afterwards for all of your dipping pleasure -- and be warned, you'll make a mess. Somebody call 9-1-1, because our tastebuds were on fire. These wings were a definite sinus clearer by number six.

The bad: The wings could have been bigger. The drums had little meat on them. The wings were also slightly inconsistent. Some were crispier than others, so each wing was a new adventure, which can be good or bad depending on you preference.

The Winner: Based on flavor and overall taste quality, JT's Bar and Grill takes the win. The lively flavor definitely made its mark on our taste buds and they had the perfect balance of spice and flavor. The wings at Long Wong's were delicious, but the flavor was a bit flatter and the spiciness almost overpowered the flavor too much.

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