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Korean Taco Food Truck Giant Has Gone Veg and Possibly Sworn Off Cooking

Kogi Korean BBQ, the Los Angeles-based Korean taco food truck, was one of the first trucks to garner national attention and helped launch the food truck craze. It is often held up as an example of what food trucks are capable of being as a culinary movement. Their chief chef, Roy Choi, was recognized as one of Food & Wine's best new chefs of 2010.

So you'll understand our shock when Roy Choi dropped this bombshell on his blog Monday: "I stopped eating meat this week. That's why I'm thinking about leaving cooking." For a guy who made his name serving marinated meat, it's a little like hearing that the Pope has sworn of Catholicism or that Richard Dawkins has become a Scientologist.

He goes on to explain that he's decided to stop eating meat because, "Animals be talking to me. They told me . . . stop. Stop, Roy. Please."

Though it's somewhat difficult to parse his stream-of-consciousness post, it sounds like Choi is trying to "join forces" with Jamie Oliver over the matter of improving children's diets.

It's unlikely that Kogi Korean BBQ will pack up their operations once Choi departs. In the same post, he indicated that he will continue working in the immediate future. Further, Kogi Korean BBQ has grown into a fleet of five food trucks and several restaurants. Of course, with everyone and their uncle climbing onto the food truck bandwagon and T.G.I. Friday's serving Korean tacos, maybe it's time for a change of pace.

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