Lee's Sandwiches: Lunch $10 and Under

"Let's go to Lee's Sandwiches" a friend said to me a couple months ago. "What's Lee's Sandwiches?" I replied. "You have never had a Lee's Sandwich? They are Vietnamese sandwiches for under $3. We're going"

What in the world is a Vietnamese sandwich? 

Lee's takes up a good amount of space in the run-of-the-mill strip mall on the south east corner of Warner and Dobson across the street from the popular Lee Lee's Asian Market. Bright neon signs light up the majority of the windows. One sign states they have just baked bread and if you get there at just the right time the smell hits you as you walk up to the door. This is a good sign.

We get in line and stare at the menu on the wall. It has pictures of the sandwiches and even

though they are not the most flattering pictures, it still helps. The Asian sandwiches or 

julienne carrots, jalapeno, cilantro and radish. It's a little skimpy on the meat but that would be easily remedied by spending an extra $1 on the double meat option.

One bite in and you're hooked. You will make excuses to go to Chandler whenever possible just to get your hands on one. You will even start buying two so that you have one for the next day. Thankfully it cost just under $15 to feed two people, which makes it at least an affordable addiction.

Before you go: Lee's is cash only. They have an ATM but bring cash to avoid the fees.

Lee's Sandwiches
1901 W. Warner Rd. Chandler
Open Daily 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.