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Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix, Where Well-Smoked Meat Takes Center Stage

Since opening three months ago, Little Miss BBQ has Phoenix diners crushing hard. The restaurant brings the great barbecue debate to our own backyard, offering smoked meats in the style of Central Texas.

Though owners Scott and Bekke Holmes will give you the option to uses one of a trio of sauces on the 'cue, you may want to forgo them all in favor of a more pure experience. Scott smokes his brisket for 11 hours in a custom-built R & O smoker made in Granbury, Texas, checking the heat every 15 minutes to ensure everything's going as planned. The result of such persistence is meat so good that the restaurant regularly -- almost always -- sells out by the end of the day.

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Here's an excerpt from this week's review:

On your first visit, get the two-meat plate until you figure out your obsession. Don't worry about prices. It's lunch. It's BBQ. You can afford it.

At Little Miss, they run out of food because when the day's brisket is gone, it's gone! They make only what you can consume. It's served fresh, never stored and reheated for the tardy.

The demand has been such that Scott has made drawings for another smoker that he will craft locally.

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