Local Restaurants Featured on Food Network's Mystery Diners Tonight

Note: This post has been edited since its original version. A new reality TV show called Mystery Diners airs on Food Network tonight at 10 pm, and the "stars" -- for the next five or six weeks anyway -- are Phoenix area restaurant owners and their employees.

The premise? When restaurant owners suspect their employees are messing up -- whether they might be lying, steallng, fraternizing with staff, mistreating customers or simply falling down on the job -- they call Mystery Diners, a group of "undercover operatives" with hidden cameras, who try to ferret out what's really going on. Naturally, there's a "sting room," where the owners can watch what unfolds in horror.

Wondering if you know any of these soon-to-be celebs?

Tonight's first episode (called Bringing Down the Haus) features Brett and Rose Hoffmann, who own the German restaurant Haus Murphy's in Glendale.

The episode immediately following at 10:30 pm centers on The Groves Bar & Grill in Gilbert.

Future Phoenix spots featured include Big Earl's Greasy Eats, Blue Moose and Amaro Pizzeria and Vino Lounge. Look for the episode on Amaro, which centers around co-owner Frank Vairo and his lousy manager, on June 15.

We'll keep you posted on more future episodes, as well.

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