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Los Jarritos: "By Appointment" Dining and Other Nuggets of Quirky Charm

My favorite joke from the back of the Los Jarritos menu is this one:

Little Johnny's new baby brother was screaming up a storm.

Johnny asked his mom, "Where'd we get him?"

"He came from heaven, Johnny."

"Wow! I can see why they threw him out!"

On the front of the menu from this restaurant in the little block building with stenciled lettering on East Van Buren is another statement: "Evenings & Saturday by Appointment."

This is not a joke. And if you're hungry for a charmingly quirky eatery that's tasty and cheap as hell, Los Jarritos is a shoo-in to put a smile on your face.

Here's an excerpt from my review this week:

"If you order the chile relleno at Los Jarritos and an omelet arrives, do not send it back. And, by all means, avoid any temptation to pick up a fork. Simply lift and place the soft yellow mass, topped with splotches of melted cheddar cheese and bright red salsa, onto the accompanying platter-size tortilla, wrap it up burrito-style, and take a generous bite. The reward comes almost immediately: the rich flavor of roasted Hatch chile, along with egg and cheese, and the sting of the tomatoey salsa. It might be the best chile relleno breakfast burrito you've had -- or the only one."

Hungry for more? Read the full review here.

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