Cafe Reviews

Love Shack: Angry Crab Shack in Mesa Delivers Seafood by the Pound

Originality is dead. It is a universal truth that we have come to accept, whether it be with regard to Hollywood's inability to produce anything but sequels and remakes, fashion's predictable cycle of "what's old is new again" or restaurateurs who seem to latch on to a popular idea and perpetuate it ad naseum. We could have solved a litany of societal woes if any one of them garnered as many resources as does trying to discover the next Chipotle or a new twist on sushi.

But almost without exception, the old adage hold true: The imitator is rarely as good as the original.

And that brings us to a curious exception in the realm of restaurant game theory, a case where he who copies is far better than who he copied.

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Eric Schaefer