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Lunch Under $10 at La Tolteca in Phoenix

Downtowners know to hit up La Tolteca to satisfy all their Mexican food cravings -- from tamales and enchiladas to an entire case of fresh baked cakes and other goodies. There's usually a pretty big lunch rush and it's not hard to see why with their cheap prices and huge portions.

The brightly colored exterior and sign at La Tolteca match the muraled walls and plastic flag covered ceilings inside. Plus it's fun to check out all the yummy and unique baked goods in the case while you wait for your order to come up. Maybe next time we'll grab something sweet from the bakery, but this time we're on a mission to get lunch for under $10.

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Find out what our ten bucks got us at La Tolteca after the jump.

Although we recently featured the delicious chilaquiles at La Tolteca, the combos are the way to go for lunch. We went for the chile rellnos and carne asada enchilada combo with rice, beans, a few corn tortillas and a drink. All that totaled $9.39 with tax and it was enough food for about three meals. That's why it's a good idea to plan ahead and get your lunch in a to go box, since you likely won't be able to eat it all there.

While we loved our enchilada and rellno, our favorite part of the meal was easily the hot, fresh corn tortillas on the side. There's nothing more comforting than some just off the griddle tortillas that are still steamy and warm. Combine that with the three chilled salsa options offered at the salsa bar and you have an unbeatably delicious and satisfying pair.

We were also pleasantly surprised that our drink that came with our combo meal could be one of their tasty aguas, and not just something from the soda machine. As always, we went for the creamy, sweet horchata, which really hits the spot after chowing down on spicy chiles and salsa-drenched enchiladas for lunch.

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