Macaron Mania: Essence Bakery Cafe Keeps Fans in the Loop

Would you like to know what days your favorite bakery will be serving organic peach pies, topped with whipped creme chantilly? How about the weekly lunch specials, or the latest macaron flavors? Yes, we would too.

Tempe's Essence Bakery Cafe, known as one of the only places in the Valley where you can find authentic French macarons of every flavor, sends out a weekly email to customers, keeping them up to date on the goings-on at the bakery with a friendly note that's both interactive and informative. They're asking for input and they're saying thanks.

When you come into the shop, on University near ASU, there's a sign-up list by the cash register. And signing up is worth a minute of your time. It's not everywhere that you'll find raspberry-rose, espresso or pink grapefruit-flavored macarons. And if you have a request, odds are they'll pay attention.

Essence is only one example of how local restaurants are reaching out through emails, texts, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Do you have a favorite? We'd love to hear about it.

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Lauren Gilger
Contact: Lauren Gilger