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Mamma Toledo's The Pie Hole Has Closed; Here's Where You Can Still Get Your Pie Fix

We're sad to say The Pie Hole, the small pie-centric spot that Mamma Toledo's food truck once called its permanent home, is no longer open. The space was located adjacent to Short Leash Hot Dog's Sit...Stay restaurant on Roosevelt Row.

The good news is that you can still find Tonya Saidi and her pies in several places.

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Saidi says she's currently looking for a new, larger space out of which to operate. The space will need to have parking for both the truck and a soon-be-added trailer, but Saidi says she'd like to stay "centrally located."

"We're trying to make the best decision for our long term growth," she says.

Until Mamma Toledo is able to find a new storefront, you can order whole pies by phone or online and Saidi will deliver them to you. Call 602-332-7346 or visit the Mamma Toledo's website.

And of course, you can also get Saidi's pies from the Mamma Toldeo's food truck, which you'll find at Food Truck Friday every week. Keep an eye on the food truck website for other events.

Both The Pie Hole and Sit...Stay opened last summer. The 150-square-foot pie shop offered a menu of scratch-made pies available whole, mini, petite, and by-the-slice, as well as other gourmet treats such as chocolate eclairs, cupcakes, and muffins.

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Lauren Saria
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