Meet Maya Dailey of Maya's Farm

In this special In Season post we'll get to meet another of the Valley's farmers. Today we're meeting Maya Dailey of Maya's Farm located within the Farm at South Mountain in South Phoenix. Maya Dailey is very involved in the local food and farming scene. You can find her produce in some of the Phoenix's finest restaurants and many of the Valley's markets and through her CSA (weekly veggies that also include fresh eggs and flowers). She grew up a city girl in New York but the "country" life called to her in Arizona. 

Let's get to know more about Maya Daily. How did you end up farming? Serendipity/passion/and the desire to keep food production in the hands of the many.

The Farm is best known for: Quality, flavor, food diversity and our great tasting produce! Our community efforts to organize and educate Arizona about the importance of keeping our food production close to home and how that translates to our economic health, our nutritional health and how food can help build healthy communities!

What do you look forward to growing the most every year? It changes with each season. In the summer I love melons. In Winter it's Toscano kale, carrots and beets. I love Spring flowers. All are specialty varieties that you do not find in the grocery stores and are so much more flavorful.

Maya Dailey
One of the schools that toured Maya's Farm

What would you like people to know about farming/local food that they might not know? I would like people to really begin to understand the importance and need to keep food production in our homeland! Food is our democracy freedom, our nutritional health, our economic health, our environmental health. Food is big.

Do you have any junk food guilty pleasures? Of course, ice cream and cookies!

Any fun plans for the future we should know about? Growing, Growing, Growing

Finally, where can we get your food? Downtown Phoenix Public Market, Urban Wine and Grocery, join our CSA , and shop our Saturday markets downtown and at the Farm!

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