Meet the $5 Chocolate Chip Cookie, Baked Fresh at Mr. Nelson's in Gold Canyon

Remember when Sprinkles Cupcakes opened up in Scottsdale and folks gleefully waited in line for hours just to buy boutique cupcakes just like their favorite celebrity? Remember everyone else who didn't do that, scoffing at the thought of buying a nearly $4 cupcake? Well Sprinkles, it's time to move over because there's a new baker in town and he only makes cookies. Well, actually, he only makes chocolate chip cookies, specifically, and they're $5 a pop.

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The Valley-based mail order chocolate chip cookie company bakes batches of 288 cookies four times per week currently, according to the Mr. Nelson's Cookies website. The cookies are then hand-packaged in premium cigar box-like carriers and then you just have to pay for shipping, too.

The cookies are sold in either a half dozen box for $30 or a full dozen for $60, which means if you're looking for a way to try the cookies for less than $5 per cookie, you're out of luck.

"Mr. Nelson is an artisan baker," the website says. "Each chocolate chip cookie is made as if it is the only cookie he is creating; therefore, each cookie is valued and priced the same."

Since, he's an artisan baker, you won't get sugar free or gluten free cookies, but Mr. Nelson does offer a "Mr. Nelson Experience," which means he's going to come to your house and bake you cookies fresh because that's not weird at all. Be warned, though:

"While quite witty, worldly and out-going, Mr. Nelson is very selective in the events he has agreed to attend, as compensation is not his motivating or deciding factor," the website says.

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