Mejico Cocina Mejicana: Happy Hour Report Card

The Spot: Mejico Cocina Mejicana
2333 East Osborn Road

The Hours: Happy hour is Monday through Friday 3 to 6 p.m.

Perfect for: $5 margaritas and $1 tacos

Interior: Mejico Cocina Mejicana is the perfect example of why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Because even though Mejico's exterior isn't bad, we've driven by this Central Phoenix spot countless times. Now we wish we'd stopped in sooner. With plenty of natural light, brick accents, and local art hanging from the walls, this little house turned restaurant offers an inviting space and a charming staff to welcome you. 

The Food: Mejico keeps it simple with happy hour food options, but we appreciate that there are items specifically for happy hour on the menu. As soon as we saw $1 carne asada street tacos listed, we knew Mejico was doing something right, and the tacos did not disappoint. With tender, flavorful grilled carne asada, cilantro, and white onion, the taco was right on point. We happily could have order five more. 

Between the $3 ceviche tostada or cheese quesadilla, we went with the ceviche. Though it got messy, the dish perfectly balances the bold tomato and citrus flavors, and the sauce was thick enough to fully coat the pieces of white fish. 

Mejico also offers half off the three appetizers during happy hour, and we couldn't scrape enough of the queso fundido ($4) out of the bowl. The spicy chorizo wasn't greasy at all, and the cheese tasted just enough of chiles to make it interesting. 

The Drinks: We decided to skip the $3 beers and $4 well drinks and dive straight into the $5 margaritas. 

The happy hour margarita is listed as "skinny" on the menu, but we couldn't tell that it was missing something. Lime juice tamed the tequila without covering up the spirit's flavor, and there was just enough sweetness to ensure the drink went down smoothly. Add in the salted glass, and everything rounded out nicely. 

Conclusion: We feel foolish that we'd never thought to stop in to Mejico for happy hour before. The deals are enticing, and the food and drinks are simple, to the point, and packed with flavor. On top of that, the friendly staff and cool interior could lessen the blow of even the most brutal summer day. For $10, you could get a margarita and five carne asada tacos, and even if that's all Mejico offered during happy hour, we'd be back. 

Don't Miss: The $1 tacos
Skip This: Nothing

Grade: A

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