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MF Tasty Secret Supper Club Sells Out Debut Dinner

The beauty of the stealth dining trend is how it's so free-form. Who's running it? Where will it be held? How to do they organize their dinners? Each incarnation is unique.

MF Tasty is the newest to emerge on the local scene, a "secret supper club" run by a local chef who does not reveal his/her identity on the website, doesn't indicate where the dinners will be held, and is keeping the invitations limited to "a select few." 

I won't blow this person's cover, although I will say that according to a trusted source, it's someone whose day job is working for a restaurant I really like, a place where I always clean my plate.

This Sunday night is the first MF Tasty soiree, and it's four courses geared to pork-lovers -- a pork amuse bouche, avocado salad with bacon vinaigrette, fennel-crusted pork loin with risotto, and maple-bacon cake, all for $45.

And dammit, the thing's already sold out.

Hit up the MF Tasty website to join the mailing list, or follow @MFTasty on Twitter to stay in the loop on future secret dinners.


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Michele Laudig
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