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Mi Patio: Lunch $10 and Under

We are well aware that there is a million and one places to grab a burrito in this town, but how many of those places offer a Gyro Chimi on the menu? We can only think of one place --- Mi Patio. 

Mi Patio doesn't have a patio, which is fine with us since it's 100+ outside. Besides the inside of this surprisingly large restaurant is filled with bright colors and enough plaster parrots to make you feel like you have entered the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland(OK that's a slight exaggeration).

The very first thing you need to do when you walk into Mi Patio is look at the specials board, they are right in front of the entrance but easy to miss. If you don't you are going to miss out on great things like potato tacos. A mistake that will never be made again by a certain someone again.  

Moving on. Warm chips and fresh salsa are brought to your table the second you sit down.The

salsa has just the right amount of heat, meaning you can take down a bowl in seconds flat. That's okay, the hardworking staff(the customer service here should be an example for all restaurants) is constantly running around refilling salsa and replacing empty chip bowls. The only downside of this is filling up on chips before you get your entree.

The menu here consists mostly of tradition Mexican fare, but there are a couple out of the ordinary items with a Greek twist. if you are trying to eat for under $10 you are going to have to skip some of the things on the menu, but have no fear there are plenty of cheap eats.

Grab two tacos for about $6 or grab any of their over-sized burros for around $7, burros and chimis even come with free rice or beans. If you skip the drink you can splurge on one of their specialties like the Gyros Chimi, the Patio Taco or a personal favorite the Baja Chicken

Burrito. And of course there is the always delicious Mexican Pizza that is more then enough to feed two people.

If you are looking for a healthy option, give Samantha's Healthy Burro a chance. Served with a side salad of cabbage and chick peas in a vinaigrette dressing. Or Vegetarian Burro Grande stuffed full of beans, rice and guacamole.

If your looking for a fun environment to relax and stuff your face full of chip and salsa this should be your next lunch destination.

Mi Patio
3347 N. 7th Avenue
(602) 277-4831


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