Battle of the Dishes

Mint Sandwich Cookie Match-Up: Will Trader Joe's Joe-Joe Lead the Pack or Not?

A favorite part of winter for me is the appearance of Candy Cane Joe-Joe's chocolate sandwich cookies at Trader Joe's. I know I'm not the only one who hides a few boxes when cold weather wanes. The Joe-Joe obsession has clearly not gone unnoticed by competitors. Since Trader Joe's introduced the seasonal Joe-Joe's, a few big-name brands have introduced their own Christmas cookies. Do any of them measure up?

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Nabisco Mint Oreo: Plain: Fie on Nabisco for not making enough Candy Cane Oreos for me to find them within two weeks of Christmas! Thankfully, the almost-identical Cool Mint flavor is now available year-round. After a tasting, I now know why Joe-Joe's go easy on the peppermint flavoring. The filling in the Cool Mint Oreos is a little mintier than the Joe-Joe's; on its own, it's reminiscent of toothpaste. In Milk: Milk mutes the Oreo's peppermint, leaving me feeling like I'm eating a plain Oreo. Oh well.

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