My Nana's Makes a Tortilla Chip Worth Celebrating

A good tortilla chip has to be fresh tasting, perfectly crisp, and just salty enough to compliment the dip being scooped.  Today is National Tortilla Day,  just the excuse needed to grab a bag of  My Nana's tortilla chips.

The chips are made by La Canasta, a Phoenix-based company that started in the 60's as a small bakery supplying handmade tortillas to customers by word of mouth.  Eventually the business grew, and began supplying to local Mexican restaurants. By the 90's, La Canasta added tortilla chips to the product mix and started selling them to grocery customers.

But what makes a My Nana's chip better?

The bags are Heat and Serve, just like the restaurant chips.  Warming the chip gives it a fresh from the oven taste.  The chips are also lightly salted and not greasy at all.  With the addition of tortilla strips to the product line, the chip can even be used as a salad garnish.  

Still a family owned business, My Nana's can be found at almost any local grocery store, including Fry's and Basha's.  And though there is no doubt that the dip is usually the star of the show, this chip wins for best in a supporting role.

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Cheri Biggs