New Cookbook Helps You Get Laid

Can cooking a hot meal help an average guy bed smokin' chicks? According to a new book hitting store shelves in May, absofrickinlutely! This amazing piece of culinary literature, Cook to Bang: The Lay Cook's Guide to Getting Laid, is based on a website that features sexy recipes the average Joe can prepare at home. Cunni-Linguine. Naked Nacho Naughtiness. Beet Your Meat Salad. Whew...we're getting sweaty just thinking about it.

The idea behind Cook to Bang is that guys can avoid dropping wads of cash on restaurant dates by cooking sexy meals at home. Cheapskates of the world unite!

The author, dubbed "The Chef," swears it isn't just about saving cash. It's about having the chick in your apartment already. Avoiding the awkwardness of the should-I-invite-him-in moment. Oh, and seduction and crap. 

"Culinary skills are as essential to the art of seduction as a brush and easel are for a painter," The Chef says on the CTB website. Uh-huh. Not surprisingly, a few detractors are up in arms about the site degrading women, promoting promiscuity, blah blah (read some hate mail here). Personally, I figure a guy can cook all the sexy recipes he wants. If I'm just not that into him, all the Blondie Bondage Sundaes in the world aren't going to lure me into a steamy between-the-sheets encounter. 

Originally, The Chef didn't publicize his name or post photos on the site, probably because it would have been much more difficult to get laid by random hot chicks if they knew what he was up to. He claimed to have worked in several Colorado restaurants, later putting down the ladle to pick up a pen for several high-profile writing gigs.

After the site gained a cult following and The Chef scored a book deal, he came out of the proverbial closet. Oops, sorry... we just mean he revealed his name: Spencer Walker. And he's doing public book signings, which isn't a shock. Because let's face it; published authors probably get laid without having to lift a finger in the kitchen.     

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.