Nutwhats' Expanded Candy Line Now at AJ's and Bodega

Chandler-based Nutwhats is one of the few start-to-finish chocolate makers in Arizona, and the confectioners use it to make unique candies called Scribbles. The company's uncommonly shaped, magnificently buttery, nutty brittle treats are now available in sweet-savory flavors like Salted Almond Scribble, finished with a drizzle of chocolate, and Green Chile Beer Britty, sans chocolate. Scribbles are also available in bacon pecan, peanut pretzel, macadamia, cashew coconut, and more, and of course traditional brittle fans can score a simple pecan.

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The company has been steadily gaining a cult following since it was founded in 1999 by Lisa and Jim Rast. These hand-crafted candies are available directly from Nutwhats at local farmers' markets or online, but are now also stocked by all AJ's Fine Food stores. Other local retailers that carry Nutwhats include Smeeks and Dos Cabezas Wineworks.

Nutwhats also produces six single-origin dark chocolate bars ranging from 75% to 92% cacao, each featuring beans sourced from one region to craft unique flavor profiles. The Balinese 75% has natural notes of papaya and mango, for example, and the rich Ocumare 92% is smooth instead of bitter with a touch of ripe plum. These gourmet chocolate bars, made from cacao beans roasted here in the Phoenix metro area, are available at Phoenix Public Market Cafe. Chocoholics can also pick up the newly released FnB exclusive 72% blend at Bodega.

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