Orange Is the New Black Food Truck Gives Away Free Pie

Courtesy of Netflix
Free pie for New York and Mexico City, thanks to OITNB.
If you're anything like us, you've likely already binged through season two of Orange Is the New Black and are patiently waiting for season three to come. Well fans of the show in New York City get a special added treat on top of the show's release last weekend: a Crazy Eyes-themed pie food truck that will give away free pie.

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Much like the Bluth's banana stand gimmick that promoted Arrested Development's Netflix release last year, the food truck will be hitting up key spots in New York and Mexico City to give away pie.

According to Variety, the viral marketing stunt will offer two different Taystee treats: a chocolate and vanilla swirl cone (just like Crazy Eyes and Dandelion) and "fruit-flavored pies."

New York fans can find the Crazy Pyes food truck around the city over the next four days, while Arizona fans can sit around wishing they had free pie.

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