Oven-Baked Tarantulas For Sale. Really.

Fried tarantulas are a Cambodian delicacy but Think Geek is offering a healthier alternative: Baked tarantula. Think Geek is sold-out until October 11th, so mark your calendar and place your order. It is curious that they ran out in the first place. Judging from this travel blog it is not as though Cambodia is hurting for tarantulas.

A bit of research indicates that this, er, unique dish is imported by Edible.com. These are the same people who brought us poop coffee, the surprisingly affordable pearl dust and chocolate covered scorpions -- so popular they're now fair food (that's coming to Phoenix next month, too).

Christmas is a ways off but you can rest easy knowing that you have options this year for that special insectivore in your life.

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