Petite Maison Adds Bouillabaise to the Mix

I know there are some longtime Chow Bella readers who go crazy for bouillabaise, so this blog's for you.

Petite Maison PR gal Wendy Goldman just dropped a line to tell me about the latest menu change-up at the bite-sized Scottsdale French restaurant.

Although their whole fish for two (so tasty) and duck with sweet potato and lentils were popular dishes, for now, they're getting swapped out for bouillabaise for two ($39) and duck cassoulet ($18). The dishes will debut tomorrow night.

"Chef James (Porter) just wants to keep the menu updated, interesting, and seasonal," Goldman says, adding that they're trying to keep the regulars coming back for more.

Not to mention, it's a tiny kitchen, so they only keep about a half a dozen entrees on the menu. Bon appetit!



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