Phoenix Wine Parties: Drink While You Learn

We like to think that adult beverages fall into two categories. There's booze strictly meant for partying purposes (have you ever seen someone casually sipping jager?), and there are drinks meant to induce intimate chats over dinner. Although some drinks may fall somewhere in the middle - we're having a hard time where to place margaritas - wine falls firmly on the latter, often boring, end. But with the help of his new company, Phoenix Wine Parties, Peter Juneja intends to change all those snobby, sleepy, even sexy stigmas regarding wine and he's bringing a bottle (or more) to your party.  

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Phoenix Wine Parties is a local company offering in-home wine tastings. Juneja started the company after months of hosting parties with his friends and using his background in the restaurant industry to educate them about the basics of wine. Lighting struck after a few months and Juneja decided to dedicate his time to educating people about wine while hoping to become the purveyor of a new wino image.

"I want to make wine not complicated and not snobby," says Juneja. His wine parties are similar to that of a formal tasting at a wine store or winery, however he brings the wine and glassware to you. The parties are educational, and he easily caters to all levels of wine knowledge and wine preferences. He's done tastings for parties requesting all Italian wines, all cabernets, and even an all-champagne bridal shower.

"Most of my classes end up with everyone throwing out questions. That is usually the

 most popular part of the whole thing," explains Juneja, "I answer anything and everything about wine." And Juneja emphasizes how important it is for wine drinkers to feel comfortable with wine and with their palette. Everyone has different tastes. His advice for wine-lovers of all levels? "Don't let anyone tell you what to drink."

The parties (or classes) usually only last an hour or two, depending on the desires of the party. In the past he's hosted work events, bridal showers, bachelorettes, and even guy's night equipped with cigars, but he emphasizes that the details are completely up to the customer. "That's the great thing, I can cater to anything you want," says Juneja.

Truthfully he had us at wine party, but we also like the idea of learning while we drink. For Juneja that's the real fun of it. "I like learning new things and with wine you'll never in your lifetime learn everything there is to know," he says, "If you have to study and learn new things why not do it with a glass of wine?"

Pricing varies but starts roughly around $250 for a part of 10-12. Email [email protected], or click here for more information. 

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