Pizza Mart: Lunch $10 and Under

In honor of the late, great Mesa dancin' man Robert "Diz-Z" Disbrow, Pizza Mart was our pick for this week's $10 Lunch. The corner of Stapley and Main won't ever be quite the same, but at least Pizza Mart is still there.

Sometimes the best craft beer and gourmet pizza just won't satisfy that craving for real comfort food and the refreshing taste of a domestic beer out of a frosty pint glass. For those times, we are happy there's Pizza Mart.

Pizza Mart is one of those spots you probably drive by every now and then and say, "Hey look, Pizza Mart" -- but you never go in for a multitude of reasons. It's dive-y, pizza for $4.50 can't be good, it looks like it's straight out of a bad 80's movie . . . They know that you do this. If they didn't, they probably wouldn't have a sign out front that reads "Stop driving by and come in already."

Unless you happen to have grown up in Mesa. In that case, Pizza Mart more than likely holds a special spot in your heart that could never be replaced by say, Pizzeria Bianco or any other fancy pants pizza joint.

Pizza Mart is a total blast from the past. The building does, in fact, look pretty dive-y and straight out of the 1980 cult classic Used Cars. Don't expect much from the inside, either, because this place hasn't been updated since who knows when --- and we hope it stays this way forever.

In the front room, you'll find a couple of booths and some tables along with a TV and a salad bar. Towards the back of the restaurant is a row of arcade classics that beckon you to dig out a dollar, trade it in for tokens (yep, they are still on the token system) and unleash your inner pre-teen on a round of Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong or Galaga.

The only thing better than the arcade games are the prices. $4.50 gets you a large pepperoni pizza. It's not giant but it's more then enough to feed two hungry people for lunch. Surprisingly, they don't skimp on the cheese and it's pretty darn good for the price. Throw in an order of tangy wings, a small pitcher of Coors and two ice cream cones and you're still under the $20 mark. A true bargain in our book.

The next time you are craving cheap beer and pizza or after a long day of thrifting in Mesa, stop driving by and eat some Pizza Mart already. 

Pizza Mart
1329 E. Main St. Mesa

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.