Pollo Asado Feast at Tradiciones

Pollo Asado Feast at Tradiciones

Lunch at Tradiciones, the Mexican restaurant attached to Phoenix Ranch Market at 16th Street and Roosevelt, is always a good lunchtime escape. Somehow it always feels like I have the run of the place (no doubt it's a huge dining room), and the food is reliably tasty.

My pollo asado was really jiucy, with a touch of smokiness. On the side, there was a huge pile of moist, fluffy rice and a creamy blob of beans. Incredibly, I almost cleaned my plate after my dining companion and I housed a whole basket of chips.

​My friend got the chicken fajitas, which smelled so good.

The whole plate was sizzling, with a bed of onions underneath the meat. Pico de gallo and chunky guacamole were served along with it.

I wouldn't have changed a thing about it, except maybe the timing. Hit up Tradiciones right at the peak of the lunch hour, and you just might be serenaded by a trio of mariachi performers.



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