Read This: ReadyMade's Feast

Funny, the more time we spend sailing the blogosphere, the more we appreciate paper. Like the new album from She & Him. Yeah, we could have downloaded it from iTunes, but we had to own it, if only for the cover art -- and the feeling of buying something and holding it in your hands.

Ditto for the latest issue of ReadyMade, a huge favorite/guilty pleasure here at Chow Bella.

What can be bad about having Todd Oldham show you how to make a toilet seat cover? (Or the like.) Seriously, the photos, the newsy/handy tidbits, the weight of the paper -- this is why we are constantly obscured by piles in our office (ok, and home) and worried the Hoarders producers will show up at any moment.

It's worth it. The current RM (still on newsstands, we found ours at MADE Art Boutique, 5th and Roosevelt streets in Phoenix) happens to have a food theme -- including gorgeous art and instructions on how to keep honeybees, mix sausage, raise hens and roll pasta. Ah, magazines.

But then, you know, you discover a blog so delightful, so delcious, that you get that whole blog thing, too. And the act of bookmarking can be almost as satisfying as buying a mag. (Almost.)

No no, we're not talking about ourselves, though we do hope you're enjoying Chow Bella.

Today it's all about Feast, ReadyMade's food blog.

From a YouTube video of how to open a beer to an intense discussion of broccoli rabe to an ode to the Egg Cream (which, curiously, contains neither), the blog has a lot of what we love about our favorite DIY mag.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we have some reading to do.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.