Last Call

Should There Be Last Call on Calling "Last Call"?

I find it kind of ironic that I decided to call this column "Last Call". I do like the sound of it for a column title; last call is the literal last word of authority for bartenders across the country. It's a definite sign that the night's revelry is drawing to a close. But something about the act of calling last call just rubs me the wrong way, no matter which side of the bar I'm on at the time.

I can understand why last call has come to pass. Guests do appreciate the opportunity to purchase a final drink before 2AM comes to pass, and it does give them an opportunity to settle up the tab before the bartenders are swamped with a barrage of people settling their checks right at 2. Likewise, it's convenient for the bartenders because it sums up everything they want to say in two words (and possibly the clang of a bell), and gives one last opportunity to bump up the sales (and therefore tips) for the evening. But there's more than meets the eye when calling last call...

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JK Grence
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