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Slurp!: Ramen at Cherry Blossom

By Michele Laudig

It's still pretty toasty outside, but all it takes is the mere suggestion of fall for me to start craving certain foods that have been on the backburner during the sizzling summer.

Like soup. Specifically, tonkotsu ramen at Cherry Blossom. Yes, I'm a bit of a broken record, because I know I've definitely blogged about this place -- and this very dish -- at some point in the past. But isn't it so much better with a picture?

I went here just to get a bowl of this. It's the chashu ramen, the one with extra slices of pork in it. The noodles are perfect, and the milky-looking pork broth is pure ambrosia. When I'm craving this, I'll inhale the entire bowl, including that broth, which is speckled with sesame seeds and scallions. (The pink stuff in the middle is pickled ginger, which you have to add yourself, but I highly recommend as a tangy contrast to the rich, salty soup.)

Pretty please, if you ever find this kind of ramen anywhere else in the Valley, let me know!

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Michele Laudig
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