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Sorso Wine Room Brings 32 Wines on Tap to the Scottsdale Quarter

If you've ever been at a self-serve yogurt shop and thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if there was wine in those spouts instead of fro-yo?" then you're going to love the newly opened Sorso Wine Room at the Scottsdale Quarter. The wine bar, which opened in early April, features a 32-bottle tap system that allows customers to dispense themselves either a full glass, a taste, or just a "sorso" -- that's Italian for "sip" -- of vino with the press of a button.

Former major-leaguer Mark Teahen and his wife, Lauren, decided to open the wine bar after returning from a trip to Italy. In addition to the 32 bottles featured in the tap system, Sorso offers an extensive selection of bottles, beers, and a small food menu.

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The 2,515-square-foot Sorso Wine Room features a 32-bottle WineEmotion dispensing system that let's customers taste their way through the bar's selection of wines. The wines featured in the dispensing system will be an ever-changing selection sourced from all over the world.

And for those who want a more traditional wine-drinking experience, the bar serves nine other wines by the glass.

Sorso also offers a bottle list of more than 100 wines and 14 beers on tap and in bottles.

To complement the drinks, Sorso has a small menu of food -- mostly sharable bites such as olives and vegetables and hummus, as well as several types of bruschetta and charcuterie. There's also a daily selection of sweets provided by Paula Jacqueline Cakes & Pastries.

The owners say the wine bar's interactive design is meant to give customers a self-educated experience with wine. The wine bar also gives wine drinkers a relaxed, lounge-type atmosphere to enjoy.

Sorso Wine Room offers happy hour from 3 to 6 p.m. daily and is located on the corner of North Street and 73rd Place inside the Scottsdale Quarter shopping center.

Sorso Wine Room 15323 N. Scottsdale Road, Ste. 150 480-951-4344

11 a.m. to close daily

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