Still Looking For Cronuts™? Here's a Map.

Still haven't had a Cronut -- or even an imitation? Apparently, there still are people out there who either can't seem to find them or are just so incredibly obsessed that they need to know the whereabouts of Cronuts™ around the world at all times.

Those are the only two reasons we can think of to justify the emergence of an interactive Cronut™ and Cronut™-imposter map.

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The map, which you can view below, comes courtesy of the folks over at Thrillist , who claim to be the first to compile the ever-growing list of places where you can try a croissant-doughnut into map form. You can also view a list of all the locations on their website.

It seems they were pretty thorough in their research, as the list does include our own Herb Box in Scottsdale. It doesn't not, however, make mention of Karl's Quality Bakery.

The map is convenient to use and does highlight the proliferation of the Cronut™ around the world in just a matter of months. According to the map, the pastries have a presence on four continents and go by at least a dozen different names.

View Thrillist Maps: Cronuts Around the World in a larger map

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