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Ten Favorite Spots for Wings in Metro Phoenix

Wings. America's number one bar food is also a favorite around Chow Bella. There is nothing we like more than sitting down to a basket full of steaming hot wings with sauce so hot it'll burn the hairs right outta your nose. Unless we have a hankering for a batch...
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Wings. America's number one bar food is also a favorite around Chow Bella. There is nothing we like more than sitting down to a basket full of steaming hot wings with sauce so hot it'll burn the hairs right outta your nose.

Unless we have a hankering for a batch of barbecue; then we'll be happy with a not-so-hot sauce.

Phoenix has lots of places to get your hot wing fix, but these 10 places have our little chicken-wing-lovin' hearts.

10. Hot Wings, Long Wong's Mesa -- Long Wong's has been making wings for more than 30 years and has locations scattered across the Valley -- from Chandler to Glendale and everywhere in between. Most of them crank out exceptionally good wings, but the Mesa location, off Stapley and U.S. 60, fries 'em extra-crisp and then drenches them in their extra-tangy, extra-spicy, extra-bright orange vinegary sauce. They're not too big and not too small, and on Tuesdays you can score a dozen for less than six bucks.

9. Medium Golden Wings, Zipp's Sports Bar -- If you try to order your wings "hot" right off the bat, the server is going to try and talk you out of it. Listen to her. She knows what she's talking about. The "hot" sauce at Zipp's is loaded with fresh habaneros and, although it's tasty, a full dozen will probably leave you with buyer's remorse. So stick with the golden sweet mediums, they're fried to a perfect crisp and plenty hot, plus if you want to cough up an extra 50 cents you can have a side of hot sauce to quench your curiosity for heat.

8. Italian Golds, Oregano's -- This Arizona chain coats their massive drumettes with a sweet, slightly tart, spicy honey mustard barbecue sauce. Yeah, we said honey mustard barbecue. Sound strange? We thought so, too, until we actually had a batch, and now we couldn't imagine a world without them! Give 'em an extra kick of flavor with a splash of the pizza joint's extra spicy Wings of Fire sauce and you'll have yourself an unforgettable wing experience.

7. Jinky's Famous Wings, Rosie McCaffrey's -- Hot wings from an Irish bar? Hell, yes. Rosie's soaks their wings in Harp, gives them a spin in the deep fryer, and then coats them in their signature spicy sauce. Beware -- there is no "medium." You're either getting 'em hot or mild and we suggest always going with the hot -- if you can stand it. These suckers have a slow burn that will catch up with you around wing number six.

6. Traditional Hot Wings, Angie & Jimmy's -- Marked by a sign that just says "Pizza" -- squished between a porn shop and a rugged-looking Circle K -- this west-side pizza and wings joint is just as sketchy on the inside as it is on the outside, but don't judge a book by its cover quite yet. The people who run the place are super-nice and they make one damn good chicken wing. These big, juicy wings are lightly breaded, fried, and then a buttery, traditional-as-traditional gets sauce is poured over the top of their crispy skins. Resist the urge to order them to go; you'll not only miss out on some great people watching (transgender prostitute anyone?) but you'll also miss out on the squeeze bottle of ranch dressing (all other wing places please take note).

5. Oatmeal Stout BBQ Wings, Four Peaks Brewery -- If you're a fan of BBQ wings, then you need a dozen of these babies right this second. By far the best barbecue wings in the state, Four Peaks smothers their extra crispy, succulent wings with a fragrant, smoky, thick oatmeal stout sauce. A hint of cayenne gives the sauce a tiny kick of spice, and the housemade blue cheese dressing really sets off the rich flavor. We think it pairs best with a pint of Four Peaks' seasonal malt liquor, but since that stuff isn't normally an option, we'll settle for a Raj IPA.

,4. Chipotle Wings, Casey Moore's -- Their menu may need an overhaul, but our favorite hipster patio bar/oyster house still makes an amazing batch of wings! We'll fight the swarm of badly dressed 20-somethings for a plate piled high with crisp wings dredged in sweet and smokey chipotle sauce with a hint of garlic and a tinge of heat.

3. Honey Hot's, Teakwoods -- This option still has that awesome kick of heat that Teakwood's is known for. Turn up the heat to another level with a dozen honey hots and side of suicide sauce but make sure you have a beer handy. You'll need it!

2. Double Dipped Works Grilled Wings, JT's Bar & Grill -- They fry 'em, then sauce 'em just like everyone else -- but then this dark, tiny Arcadia dive bar goes the extra mile and grills them to keep the crispy wings juicy and then (if you ask for double-dipped) re-sauces them to create a near perfect wing. The fragrant "Works" sauce is a combination of all their sauces, from suicide to teriyaki, producing what may be one of the most unique flavors you'll find in the Valley.

1. Buffalo Hot Wings, NY Boyz Subz & Wingz -- Yes they have a bunch of z's in their name, the service doesn't exactly come with a smile, and sometimes it can take way too long to actually get your food. But we'll forgive them for all of it because their wings are out-of-this-world good. Marinated, giant juicy wings are breaded and lightly fried then soaked in the NY Boyz authentic Buffalo sauce that is exactly how hot sauce should be -- buttery and hot! If you're up for an adventure, give the suicide wings a go. We dare you to make it past one.

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