The Classy Kitchen in Phoenix Now Offers BYOB Cooking Classes, Here's The Schedule

Whether you want to hone your cooking skills or learn how to arrange a perfect floral centerpiece, The Classy Kitchen in Scottsdale has a class that can help. The kitchen consignment store, which took over the space once occupied by Switchin' Kitchen earlier this year, has launched a Classy Classes kitchen series, which will bring a lineup of instructors to the store's in-house kitchen to teach classes on everything from cooking to kitchen design. And best of all, they're all BYOB.

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Each of the classes runs from 6:30 to 8 p.m. and costs $30 per person. You can sign up online at the Classy Kitchen website. Attendees are invited to bring their favorite wine, beer or soft drink.

Carmella's Caponatas with Carmella Dodge Tuesday, April 15 ​"Caponata is a uniquely Sicilian aubergine (eggplant dish) with sweet and sour contrasts. It is great as an appetizer with grilled breads or as a main course over pasta. You'll learn how to prepare both versions, and sample them as well. Be a hit at your next party or potluck when you bring this little "Soul of Sicily" to the event. Multo buona!"

Egg-'sceptional Dishes for A Spring Fling with Nancy Matsui Wednesday, April 16 ​"Learn how to make two egg-'sceptional dishes for your upcoming Spring, Easter and Passover breakfasts or brunches. The Continental Egg Foo Yung (with spinach instead of bean sprouts) can be made ahead and kept warm in the oven. And the Fruity Dutch Baby is nice and puffy,served right out of the oven with fresh berries. It couldn't get more delectable!"

Let's Talk About YOUR Kitchen Design with Jeanne Berk Wednesday, April 23 "Bring a photo on you Smartphone or iPad of a design issue you have in your kitchen. Learn design tips and get expert advice as you and other participants get suggestions on how to solve the 'kitchen-kinks.' We'll have more than 1,500 paint cards so you can take home a few carefully chosen ones and 'Brighten that Blight, Overnight!'"

B.Y.O.C. Bring Your Own Container for A Fresh Flower Arrangement with Brian VetterTuesday, April 29 "Transform a favorite or fun item around your house into a unique and beautiful centerpiece! Bring your own container (opening no larger than 5"). It can be a vase, cup, teapot, object'art, etc. Don't have anything at hand? Arrive early and we'll shop TCK for the perfect container. Learn how transform different containers into beautiful fresh floral creations. Best of all--you take it home with you!"

Quick And Delicious One Pot Meal -- Tex-Mex Chicken Skillet with Trudy Maples Wednesday, April 30 "Learn how to prepare this favorite family dish! Once you taste it, you'll see for yourself why kids of all ages request it so much. They will think you labored all day, but your secret is safe with us!"

The store also offers custom classes for groups of eight to 12 people. Call 602-870-3530 for more information.

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