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The End of History Beer, Xmas Eve in July and LMAO Chocolate Milk in Today's Eater's Digest

Hungry for your early morning serving of food news, with no preservatives or additives?

Xmas Eve Wine Dinner for Charity
Saturday night join Kazimierz World Wine Bar in Scottsdale for their Xmas Eve Wine Dinner. Guest Chefs Bernie Kantak and Gio Osso are creating a 6 course meal featuring exciting dishes such as fresh chickpea salad and licorice vinaigrette, Kurobuta pork belly pastrami with rye spaetzle and chimichurri lamb lollipops. Each course will be paired with wine selected by Peter Kasperski. The best part about Saturday's event --- all, yes all, proceeds go to charity. $50 minimum donation per person and you can even write the check directly to either Relay for Life (cancer), Go Red for Women (heart) or Packages from Home (military). Call 480-946-3004 for more details.

Brew Dog Pushes the Limits Again
If this is for real, Brew Dog has just earned top honors for the best beer ever created! Scottish

Brewery, Brew Dog and its quest to push the limits of beer have created their last installment of ridiculously high ABV beers. The new brew, The End of History, checks in at 55%, which means it could actually double as lighter fluid. With a price tag of $732, that's probably not a wise decision. And what do you package the world's strongest beer in? Stuffed Roadkill, of course. The beer is packed in squirrels and stoats that dies of natural causes and then they are dressed in adorable outfits. Click here to visit Brew Dog's Blog. 

LMAO Chocolate Milk
Our original intention for this space was a fancy summer cocktail called Pimm's Cup. Then we came across a blog that had us almost laughing out loud at our desk and thought what the heck, it's Friday, why not take a break from being so serious and take a second to laugh at something silly. Click here to read "Toby's Corner" on The Nesting Project's blog. Not only should it put a smile on your face but there is also a pretty spectacular recipe for chocolate milk and some good ideas on what to do with the leftover ingredients.

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