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The Hungry Monk and Pittsburgh Willy's Pair Cold Beers with Hot Dogs Tonight

Did you read Chow Bella's Top 10 Hot Dogs list yesterday? Remember number 3? It was Pittsburgh Willy's and they happen to be bringing their award-winning dogs to The Hungry Monk in Chandler tonight from 5 to 8:30. How convenient! 

If you haven't tried one of Pittsburgh Willy's dog creations yet because, well, you just aren't in the Chandler area during lunch time and/or venturing into a rather large antique market might scare the bejesus out of a few of you (possibly because you might actually decide that you need to replace all the $50 Chartreuse Fiestaware dinner plates that your ex broke)  -- then you need to make a trip to the southeast side for a beer and a dog. 

Pick from four gourmet dogs -- The Chicago Dog, The Freddie G, The Greek, and the classic Chili/Cheese Dog -- and then pick one of the two beers that the expert staff at The Hungry Monk have chosen to best suit each dog. 

Dog and beer pairings will run you $8.50 each or just get the dog for $5.25. Chips included! 

Check out The Hungry Monk's Facebook page for all the details and someone have a Freddie G and Firestone Union Jack for me! 

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Shannon Armour
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