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Tonight at the Market on Mill

This is only the fourth week of downtown Tempe's own farmers market -- called the Market on Mill -- and it looks like things are already growing, from the latest list of participating vendors.

Hopefully the community will rally around it and it'll continue to expand its offerings. Check it out between 5 and 9 p.m. tonight outside MADCAP Theaters, formerly the Harkins Centerpoint.

Read on to see who's participating:


  • The Herb Guys - Plants
  • The Tamale Store - Homemade Tamales
  • Annie's Art - Ceramics
  • Double Check Ranch - Grass Fed Beef
  • Wei of Chocolate - Organic fair-trade vegan chocolate
  • Lotus Wei Organics - Flower essences natural stress relief
  • The Healthy Nut - Gourmet Granola
  • The Polished Pepper - handmade jewelry from silverware
  • Morning Star - Ceramics
  • Deborah Magomba - Healing Therapist
  • Poppa Maize Gourmet Popcorn - Flavored Popcorn
  • ZOZO - French Pastries
  • Raging Raw Organics - Crackers
  • Herb'n Organics - Chemical Free Cleaning Products
  • Spice and Rub - Spices, Rubs, Olives
  • Crave Ice cream - Artisan Ice cream
  • Phoenix Permaculture Guild - Offering sustainable living classes
  • Thai Scandinavian Gift Shop - hand painted shirts, Flip Flops and accessories
  • The Gardeners Kitchen - Frozen meals for two
  • Doctor Hummus - Hummus, pestos, pita chips
  • Chabad House  - Homemade Artisan Breads
  • Rhibafarms - Sprouts and Shoots
  • Azjamon World View - Photography / Art
  • Raimond's - Italian foods Southwest Design in Jewelry - SW inspired jewelry designs
  • Sterling By Rebecca - Sterling Jewelry
  • Alley Cats Studios - Handmade tiles, jewelry, sun catchers
  • Belinda's Pickles -  Bread and Butter Pickles
  • Alluring Gypsy - Tye Dye clothing for all ages
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    Michele Laudig
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