Topps Puts Celebrity Chefs on Baseball Cards. Batter Up!

So my baseball card enthusiast husband tosses me an Iron Chef "Marc Forgione" baseball card the other night. 

 "Hey, you should write about this for Chow Bella, I wonder if anyone knows that they're putting chefs on baseball cards." 
And so here we are. If you notice on the card, it says Topps not some fly-by-night pseudo baseball card maker, but Topps as in the baseball card brand.

This line of chef trading cards is part of the rather attractive Allen & Ginters retro tobacco card design line featuring professional athletes, and Daniel Bouloud and Guy Fieri. Yessir.

I guess these are like the Garbage Pail Kids cards for adults - or our food lover-in-training children. Topps is riding the wave of food enthusiasm in this country - and royal weddings, and political races. At least when we were kids, it was fun to look at the snot cards, or the gorey Garbage Pail kid cards at the far end of the playground during recess, but what exactly are we supposed to do with an Iron Chef trading card?

It's possible that this chef as celebrity thing will become so commonplace that our grandkids will gasp with delight that you have Beau MacMillan's card from early 2000s (not sure if this exists). But for now, I suppose it can be something we can toss into box and hope it'll give us a return in a few decades. Or get it signed by the chef himself and put it online for 50 bucks. Check that out. Would you pay to have one?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.