Tutto Opens in Scottsdale

Valley chef Joseph Gutierrez wastes no time. He's the new owner of Tutto, an Italian restaurant at 7114 East Stetson Drive in Scottsdale. If the address rings a bell that's because it's the old spot for Digestif, which is opening soon (but not that soon) across the street in See Saw's old spot. Talk about a land grab... Digestif closed Saturday and Tutto opened Wednesday.

"Inside it looks exactly the same," says Debora Bridges, a spokeswoman for Scottsdale's Southbridge. "But it did open on Wednesday."

Gutierrez is also the owner of Scottsdale's Cin-Cin Bistro. The longtime Valley chef (formerly of L'Orangerie at the Arizona Biltmore in the 1980s) is also planning to open a Spanish restaurant called Tapas Papas Fritas at the location of the never-to-exist Mexican Standoff.

That's what we know -- for now. More details to come.

7114 East Stetson Drive, Scottsdale

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