Battle of the Dishes

Veg Out: Faux Burgers That Don't Suck at Nourish and Houston's

I'm about to blow your mind. Ready?

There exists a veggie burger that's as good as the real thing. And I found it.

It's always tough to find a restaurant that suits my vegetarian and vegan buddies as well as it does the rest of us omnivores. They're usually stuck with one bland dish or a pre-frozen veggie patty with "hydrolyzed" and "autolyzed" proteins that are about as close to the plant kingdom as a hunk of plastic is. So this week I went in search of a homemade faux burger crafted with real ingredients -- one that doesn't taste like paste or tofu. This one's for you, veg-heads!

In One Corner: Nourish
7147 East Rancho Vista Drive, Suite 107C, in Scottsdale

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Wynter Holden
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