Video Mashup: Brad Pitt Eating. And Eating.

If you thought Angelina's right leg taking on a life - and social life, see Twitter account: @


- of its own at this year's Oscars was bizarre enough, wait until you see what the world's been cooking up about her better half.

Let's face it, you could put Brad Pitt on the big screen doing just about anything and we'd pay to see it because we're only half paying attention anyway. The other half of our brain is preoccupied thinking: damn, that is one beautiful man. So when we found out someone had noticed Pitt consistently doing something on screen besides standing around being gorgeous, two things came to mind: How did you even notice that? and Now that we think about it, that is pretty weird.

So what is Pitt doing that has people distracted from his perfect looks acting?

Eating. And a lot of it.

People began to notice the phenomenon after seeing Oscar-nominated Moneyball, in which Pitt portrays the Oakland Athletics manager, Billy Beane. Throughout the movie Pitt is seen eating Christmas cookies, Twinkies, popcorn, French fries...clearly the guy has never seen a food pyramid. But the trend goes back long before last fall.

In nearly every scene of Ocean's Eleven Pitt is holding or eating some kind of food from cheeseburgers to shrimp cocktail. According to an interview on the Ocean's DVD Pitt decided that since his character, Rusty Ryan, was also on the go, it made sense that'd he would be eating on the move.

And who can forget Pitt's discovery of and obsession with peanut butter as Joe Black in Meet Joe Black?

Lucky for us, there's a complete list of everything Brad Pitt has ever put in his mouth in a movie. And if that's not enough, there's also a video montage set to jazzy music for your personal enjoyment.

How do you like them apples, right leg?

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