The "Nutella Love" from Waffle Love AZ
The "Nutella Love" from Waffle Love AZ
Chloe Nordquist

Waffle Love AZ vs. Waffle Crush: Waffle Truck Take Down

These aren't your average waffles. No, these are mobile and more -- gourmet food truck liege waffles with delicious toppings and homemade creams. We put two Valley waffle food trucks up against each other to answer the question, who has the better sweet treat?

In This Corner: Waffle Love AZ

Setting: Although the surroundings change each day with food trucks, which can position themselves just about anywhere, the outside of the truck was welcoming with its giant heart design. The staff was just as pleasant and smells of sugar flowed out of the truck's server window.

Good: There's a reason they call this truck Waffle Love, because it was love at first bite. We ordered the Nutella Love waffle with Nutella, strawberries, and cream on top. There were crystallized sugar chunks on the outside of the waffle and on the inside it was flaky, like a dense croissant. A generous amount of cream and fruit adorned the top. The cream was really fresh and sugary with a great taste -- not too sweet. The actual liege waffle batter wasn't too sugary itself, which left room for the sweet cream on top to do the talking. The dish was the perfect size and had the perfect flavor combination.

Bad: While the waffle was flaky and delicious on the inside, the outside was a bit too crispy in our opinion. The waffle was almost too hard to cut. We also wished there had been a little bit more Nutella on top.

The "Nana" from Waffle Crush
The "Nana" from Waffle Crush
Chloe Nordquist

In This Corner: Waffle Crush

Setting: Waffle Crush, according to their website, was the first liege waffle truck in Arizona. Their menu is displayed on black chalkboards outside their truck, and they have speakers playing music for customers. The truck has a frillier vibe with its light pink color and cursive logo.

Good: This time we ordered "The Nana" -- a liege waffle with Nutella, cream, and bananas. The waffle seemed to literally melt in your mouth. The batter was dense and cake-like and the waffle was perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The batter was les sugary, which let the toppings do all the talking. There was a gracious amount of Nutella smothered on top of the waffle, along with a dollop of cream and what seemed to be a whole banana cut in to slices. Together, the combination was perfect.

Bad: Although it was nice to have a lot of toppings, the amount of Nutella was almost too much on this dish. The spread overpowered the taste of the waffle and the cream. The waffle itself was also less sugary and left us looking for more flavor.

Winner: Waffle Love AZ takes the cake -- or should we say waffle -- on this one. Although Waffle Crush had bigger portions and more toppings, the waffle at Waffle Love tasted better and the cream topping blew us away with its sweet taste and creamy texture.

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