We Challenged Five Metro Phoenix Bartenders to Make a Drink Called "The Haboob": Here's What They Poured

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If New Orleans can have The Hurricane (a cocktail typically mixed with rum and fruit juice or grenadine), we figure it's high time someone invented The Haboob. And so for the past few weeks, we've scoured the streets of Phoenix in search of bartenders that would take on Chow Bella's latest challenge: create a haboob cocktail.

There were no restrictions, or even standards to this game, except that the new cocktail must be called "The Haboob". We visited 6 bars, 5 of which were victorious simply by accepting the challenge. The bartenders at Hanny's did not wish to take part in the challenge. Oh well.

On to the sandy, dusty, windy, and for the love of God, boozy goodness.

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Alex Rodriguez