Guilty Pleasures

We Tried Wendy's New Baconator Fries

The Guilty Pleasure: Baconator Fries
Where to Get It: Wendy’s
Price: $1.99
What it Really Costs: The little bit of artery space you have left

Wendy’s stole their way into our lard-filled hearts with their last decadent french fry creation, but while the Ghost Pepper Fries layered delicious cheese with multiple types of spicy peppers, the new Baconator Fries don’t exactly live up to that mark.

The Baconator might be the most extreme burger on the Wendy’s menu, but when you get right down to it, it’s just a really over-the-top bacon cheeseburger. That problem carries over to the fries as well, so while they’re lovely cheese fries with a whole lot of bacon on top of them, there’s nothing special about them after you get beyond the initial “Bacon!” moment.

Of all the fast food chains, Wendy’s definitely has some of the best fries in the game, and a creamy cheese sauce does nothing but improve them. The cheese sauce isn’t a game-changer — it’s pretty standard fast food cheese sauce — but it’s still a nice touch.

The bacon offers more of the same to the Baconator Fries, and that’s where the problem occurs. The crisp flavorful bacon is certainly an improvement on just regular cheese fries (is there much that bacon doesn’t improve?), but it doesn’t set the side dish apart all that much.

Maybe it’s that our taste buds have just become more adjusted to the outrageous flavors of Taco Bell’s special menu items, or maybe we’re just not impressed by the ridiculous amount of bacon thrown on top of some mediocre cheese fries, but something about the Baconator Fries just came off as a bit boring to us.

The fries are solid, the cheese is gooey, the bacon is crunchy and wonderful in that way that only bacon can be, but the Baconator Fries are really missing any further excitement or complex flavors beyond that. For the amount of calories, fat, and cholesterol Wendy’s is cramming into a single side, we’d really be looking for something a little more entertaining than these.

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Josh Chesler
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