Guilty Pleasures

Wendy's New Frosty Waffle Cone: What the Hell Were They Thinking?

The Guilty Pleasure: Frosty Waffle Cone Where to Get It: Wendy's, locations Valleywide Price: $1.49 What It Really Costs: A sticky situation.

Another day, another overly eager press release. This time, it's the nice folks at Wendy's. Apparently, someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to put their Frosty, that frozen concoction that's too soft to be ice cream and too thick to be a milkshake, in a waffle cone. This is, at first glance, a silly idea. After all, the natural thing to do with a Frosty is to dip one's fries in it, not have it as dessert. Or maybe that's just me.

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Anyway, the press release gushed "With the Frosty Waffle Cone, you can enjoy America's favorite treat for a few more delicious moments." How? This is Phoenix, that thing is going to melt into a waffle cone full of chocolate milk unless I swallow the thing whole. To the PR department's credit, they were kind enough to offer us a gift card to try one. While the offer was appreciated . . . I know journalism budgets aren't nearly what they once were, but come on, the thing is a buck and a half.

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JK Grence
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