What's Your Hangover Cure?

Missing teeth, stolen police cars -- and where the hell is Mike Tyson's tiger?

At one time or another, most of us have experienced the unpleasant and sometimes even life-altering effects following the heavy use of alcohol. Most everyone's got their swear-by-it hangover cure, but what about Valley chefs and restaurateurs? What do our service industry folks do when they get over-served?

I asked a few and this is what they had to say:

Bill Sandweg, Owner Copper Star Coffee and Circle H Barbecue

Thirty-two ounces of water before bed (prevention), wake up, hot shower, greasy breakfast, lots of coffee, and then switch to grape Pedialyte.

Mat Snapp Beverage manager, Fox Restaurant Concepts

A chocolate milkshake. I got this advice from my dad when I went to college, and it works. The cold is nice and soothing and the lactic acid settles your stomach. I prefer mine made with chocolate ice cream -- not vanilla ice cream -- and chocolate syrup.

Rebecca Golden Owner, 32 Shea

The couch and cheap Mexican food! Nothing like a #2 from Fili B's and a day watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey to make you feel better!

Christopher Gross Chef and Owner, Christopher's Restaurant & Crush Lounge

Advil, a lot of water, sticking my head under the shower, and then a steam for 30 minutes. I've had to do that a few too many times, especially after a night with Chef James Porter!

James Porter Chef and Owner, Petite Maison

After a epic night of scotch drinking with Chef Gross, I usually drink a ton of water, exceed the recommended dose of Tylenol, and send my wife to get a shitload of Jade Palace. Does the trick every time! P.S.: Hey, Chef Gross, whatcha doin' after service tonight?

Rita French Chef de Cuisine, Province

A sausage and cheese biscuit from McDonald's and lots of water.

Shin Toyoda Sushi master at Sushi Roku

Water, vitamin C (oranges or persimmons), porridge, and sleep.

Justin Micatrotto Co-owner, Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Restaurant

Why do you think I sell chicken fingers for a living?

Cullen Campbell Chef and owner, Crudo

Hair of the dog, baby!

Josh Hebert Chef and owner, Posh

Gatorade, a bowl of pho, and walking the dogs.

Romeo Taus Chef and owner, Romeo's Cafe

Fried eggs and peppered bacon on a toasted "everything" bagel with homemade chunky, spicy gazpacho.

Mark Hittle Chef, Bobby Q

Cheeseburger with everything and a Gatorade.

Azucena Tovar Chef and owner, Los Sombreros

Birria tacos, pozole, or snapper ceviche.

Chef Kurt Jacobsen Hidden Meadow Ranch, Greer

Spicy fish soup and a nap.

Aaron May Chef and restaurateur

A lot of coffee and a Wolf Pack from Over Easy seems to be the proper ballast for a long night of drinking. Something about all those hash browns with eggs, cheese, and bacon makes the day more bearable. I'm not afraid to admit that my preferred cheese on a rough morning is American -- something about the extra-processed foods make everything softer and rounds the edges a bit.

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